Review: One True King

Two kings now claim the throne of Camelot, but only one is the True King.

Nearly every kingdom of the Woods has pledged their loyalty to King Rhian over the Storian; all but one. The ring of Camelot is the only ring that stands, keeping the Storian alive, and now that Tedros has it, the Tournament of Kings begins. Three tests, only one winner.

Now it’s a race for Tedros to win the tournament before the false king does. With Agatha, Sophie, and their friends from the School for Good and Evil, they fight to save the fairy tale world as they know it, and prevent a Man taking place of the Pen.

The ending of this series did not disappoint in the least! Before this book, the third one, The Last Ever After, was my favorite and now it’s tied with One True King. In fact, this one might be the best of the series, in my opinion. The pacing was perfect; there were no sluggish parts at all. If I could have, I would’ve read this book in one sitting because I was hooked!

The tournament to choose the real true king of Camelot was a great twist instead of having Tedros just slay the false King Rhian. It added an element of suspense because each new task was a race for Tedros to try to get ahead. It also makes him wonder how his father knew to set up this tournament to give him a chance to prove he’s the true king. The main thing that keeps Tedros going is that his dad left him the Ring of Camelot, not anyone else. And it’s with that confidence that Tedros ends up making some bold decisions, and for once, leaves Agatha out of his plans.

I don’t even need to go into detail about my love for Agatha and Hort. I have always loved them and always will. They both have key roles in Tedros’s race to be the king, but I won’t go into detail on that. I only wish there were more moments of Agatha and Hort together to become actual friends, rather than Hort getting upset every time Agatha gets in the way of his trying to be with Sophie (but I also get it because I ship Sophie and Hort).

The real surprise of this story, for me, is that this was the first book which I actually liked Sophie’s character. She wasn’t annoying at once and I even felt bad for her at times. She started believing that maybe because of her Evilness and past that she doesn’t deserve a happy ending. That she’s meant to be alone – if she doesn’t die while trying to help Tedros. She and Tedros even finally start to respect each other and become real friends. And if that isn’t character development, than I don’t know what is.

My heart was honestly racing as the stakes in this book got higher. I expected character deaths, and there were, because why wouldn’t an author kill off characters? (Seriously, is it like a requirement for fantasy?) I do love that this book had the thrill to keep me on the edge of my seat and not wanting to stop reading until the end. There were a few times I had to stop, close the book, and say, “I did NOT just read what I think I did!”

I even threw the book at one point.

It’s been a while since I’ve done that.

So again, this was by far the most I’ve enjoyed reading this series. It redeemed the slow pacing of some of the other novels, and gave me a bittersweet ending in that I wanted more of these characters, but also happy with the end (though the actual end is bittersweet, be warned). I highly recommend this series if you love fantasy novels, magic schools, and stories that focus on friendship.

Rating: 5/5 stars

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