Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Fictional Couples

Today is a love freebie for Top Ten Tuesday, and I’m using this freebie to share my favorite couples in books. One of the genres I read the most is romance, usually in young-adult or new-adult, as they’re either what I wish I’d had in high school or closer to my experiences now.

Ten Favorite Fictional Couples

Lola Nolan and Cricket Bell

I adore Cricket in this book. I wish I’d had a Cricket of my own in high school. He and Lola were perfect together and just one of the sweetest couples with a little bit of a past that I’ve read (multiples times).

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley

I will forever root for the girl getting her dream guy from childhood, as Ginny finally did in this book. Don’t let the movie version of them fool you, Harry and Ginny are much, much more adorable in the books. You also get more of the explanation of how Ginny got over her ‘not being able to speak in front of Harry’ phase as she got older.

Sophie and Hort

I was a Sophie and Hort shipper for most of the series. Not because I liked Sophie (I hated her until the last book) but because I felt so bad for Hort. And even though he was kinda gross and a Never, he was actually kind of sweet. You could tell that he really was in love with Sophie the entire time, no matter how many times she turned him down.

Juliet Young and Declan Murphy

Because I love books where the characters fall in love over letters or messaging, yet know each other in real life and have no clue that they’re the person they’re talking to anonymously. This was just a sweet read with these two and it bears rereading.

Anna Oliphant and Etienne St. Clair

Anna and St. Clair make for the cutest couple in this book. Anyone who had enjoyed this one is probably in love with St. Clair and his European mutt charms (French name + British accent = automatic swoon). I’ve not read a raving review of this book that doesn’t adore Anna and St. Clair as a couple.

Lily and Micah

They were just a perfect match for each other. Micah was able to read Lily right away, knowing that she was struggling with some inner demons like himself and her sister. He was the opposite of everyone around them, whose first instincts were to shun anyone with mental illness, but Micah stayed and used his own experience to help Lily.

Chloe and Nick

Pairing up a sarcastic, loving barista and her grumpy boss…. yes please! Though I didn’t watch Gilmore Girls until after I read this book, I will say that Chloe and Nick are like a younger, bookish version of Lorelai and Luke. I just totally fell in love with these two as a couple and… how do I get a Nick of my own?

Vivian and Dallas

I love that Dallas wasn’t one of those hot, jocks or brooding bad boys. While I do enjoy those types of leading guys, I will definitely pick the nerdy hot lead male every time, and that’s exactly what Dallas was. He was a great match with Vivian and I enjoyed their chemistry throughout this book (and their reappearance in the spin-off, The Bookworm Crush).

Rosie Radeke and Henry Yi

These aspiring baker and chef get the opportunity to go to Paris for a summer program to train young cooks, and they start crushing on each other right from the plane ride there. They were just the most adorable couple and their shyness of admitting it to each other was a bit refreshing from the fake-dating or enemies-to-lovers tropes that I usually read.

Ellie and Luke

Ellie and Luke were a joy to read when she gets stuck with him and his friends for Home Ec, mainly due to Luke’s wit and humor. The transformation that happens to Ellie when she’s around Luke is a great one to read as she learns to rely on herself, rather than a group of ‘friends.’

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I probably have a lot more to add to this list, but the majority of them would be from TV shows that I’ve been obsessed with in the past. Although, that would be great for another post idea in the future…

In any case, I could list a lot more books on here as well, but leaving it at ten is always good. Not just because it’s Top Ten Tuesday, but also to keep the list shorter. After making this list, I want to reread each of these books, including The Words We Keep, which I literally just finished last week.

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Who are some of your favorite fictional couples?

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