Quote of the Week – 2/13/2022

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

― Oscar Wilde
© 2016 T.K. {Genie in a Novel}

So many of us wonder what our lives would be like if we were just a little different. A little more athletic. More creative. Less of a disorganized mess. Less sensitive. Some of those things we can change. After all, organization is just a habit, and I believe everyone is creative in their own way, you just have to realize it in that other form. But it’s not habits that I’m talking about here, because those can be changed.

It’s when we wish we were someone else, or had a different personality. Maybe you want a celebrity’s life complete with the big mansion and three sports cars. Most of us as children probably did wish we had the life of actors and rock stars. Or maybe you wish you’d been born as someone else than the person you are – more like a sibling or friend of yours. There have been times I wish I was more musically inclined or athletic. I did enjoy my music lessons and playing sports when I was younger, but I could never catch onto my instruments (even after time and practice) and my body changed quite a bit during puberty that made it harder to be athletic.

There have even been times I wished I wasn’t born with the heart defect I’d had. It’s fixed now, but I do have yearly checkups to make sure nothing changes, and it’s part of the reason I pulled away from playing on a sports team as I got older. However, the experience my parents had while choosing where to take me for an operation is a great testimonial to how God has worked in my life (and theirs). That little decision that they prayed about might’ve been the thing that strengthened their faith.

However, my point is that there’s a reason that no two people are completely alike – not even identical twins. We all have our own purpose here on Earth. Not all of us are destined to make changes in the world on a big scale, but the little things matter too. We might not realize it until later, or even at all, but we’ve all probably impacted at least one person’s life for the better.

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