A Sticky Situation

Dear Bookstores, Walmart, Target, Libraries, and Any other place that sells books,

Kindly leave your stickers off the front of books. I get that you want to show off the great deal you get by getting this book – whether it’s 20% off or at a crazy low price – however, by doing so, you’re annoying the majority of people who buy these books from you. Yes, you’re annoying the bookworms.

You see, with social media, we’re more likely to show off our book hauls. Be it in Instagram posts, Tweets, blog posts, YouTube videos, or TikToks. We like to share what we’re reading (or, will be reading, anyway) with our kind. And trying to take these pretty pictures of our books is a little hard when there’s a big ol’ sticker on it that you can’t take off without leaving sticky residue.

the offensive stickers of books I bought recently

Of course, we could just leave the sticker on, but the thing is… the sticker takes away from the cover. If you insist on putting a sticker on the books, try to use ones that will come off easily. In other words, ones that we don’t have to scrape off and still have a mess after. Barnes & Noble has perfected this – their stickers aren’t hard to pull off at all and leave so residue whatsoever.

And, for the love of books, if the sticker is just the price of the book, just put it on the back near the barcode. Or even the spine. Just stop ruining our pretty book covers!


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