Review: Six Months Later

When Chloe fell asleep in study hall, it was the middle of May. But when she wakes up, snow is on the ground, and she can’t remember the last six months.

Before, she’d been a mediocre student. Now, she’s on track for valedictorian and being recruited by Ivy League schools.

Before, she never had a chance with sports star Blake. Now he’s her boyfriend.

Before, she and Maggie were inseparable. Now her best friend won’t speak to her.

What happened to her? Remembering the truth could be more dangerous than she’d ever imagined.

Let me start off with the premise of this book is fantastic. I mean, waking up with no memory of the last six months and finding out you’re an entirely different person? That’s chilling. Wondering how that was even possible was the reason I was hooked on this book, and I will say, for a short time I was thinking the only way that was possible was if Chloe had been sent to an alternate dimension. Or had a stroke. 

Either would have been a good explanation.

As for characters, there was a good cast to this book. Chloe I obviously liked and felt really bad for her because of the memory loss, especially since she has no idea what happened between her and her best friend, Maggie. While trying to figure out how she lost her memory, she also tries to figure out why Maggie hates her, but she knows it must’ve been bad. I could feel her frustration as she kept coming to dead ends, and the anxiety she felt about not being able to trust anyone.

Maggie was my complete favorite in this book. She was a strong character who had the unfortunate stutter, which made her shy about interacting with others because she’d been made fun of it in the past. Her hurt over what Chloe had done to her was totally valid and I love her slow progression of going back to being Chloe’s best friend after realizing something really was wrong with Chloe. She took her time though, as anyone who has been scorned would, rather than just jumping back into her best friend’s arms like nothing happened. If I related to anyone in this book, it’s definitely Maggie. 

The boys… Adam was adorable and a good match for Chloe. I was definitely suspicious of him at times, but he really did care for Chloe and he shows it near the end. He’s actually very sweet with Chloe, and even though he’s jealous over her being with Blake, he doesn’t get possessive or anything. But he does get to a point where he wants Chloe to decide what (or should I say who) she wants to be with. Blake, on the other hand, was a total douche-canoe and I saw right through his little act. I made “sus” eyes at him through the entire book and honestly just wanted to punch him.

The main problem I had with this book though was the “how” of Chloe losing her memories. It was just kind of sketchy and I’m not sure if I really believed it. Then again, I’m not the author and I’m sure she did her research to see if that was a possible thing or not. In any case, I was definitely expecting something else for a conclusion to the mystery, but I suppose it worked out.

Overall, this was a good, mysterious, and fast-paced read that I did enjoy. And I think fans of Natasha Preston would enjoy. 

Rating: 3.75/5 stars

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