5 Books That My Best Friend Loves

Since I did a post a while ago featuring five books that my mom loves, I thought it would be cool to ask more people in my life about books they love. This might turn into a little series or it might end with this one. In any case, I knew I definitely wanted to ask my best friend about which books she loves.

As with anyone who loves to read, when I asked her this question, she said it was tough to narrow it down to five. And she’s right. I don’t know if I’d be able to narrow down my top five books… it’s just not possible. Still, she gave me her answers fairly quickly and I’m happy to say I knew two of the books she’d pick!

I have the best memory of this book and I didn’t even read it! A few years ago I was at a library sale a few towns over, and saw this book in great condition. Knowing that my bestie loves historical fiction, I got it for her. She ended up reading it all in one day and loving it, which made me very happy that I came across the book!

I remember this being one of her favorites for a few years now, so whenever I have a patron looking for historical fiction in this time era, I always go to this one.

A shocking pick for my bestie because I didn’t peg her for science fiction. Her favorites are usually historical fiction (as we can see above). Despite this being on her list, I doubt I’ll read it. But I know many people have enjoyed this book over the years.

Knowing that this is one of Vicky’s favorites is going to make it more interesting to read, as I’ve never read Persuasion before. I’m looking forward to it and then talking about the book with her after I’m done reading.

I wasn’t surprised that one of her favorites included a Harry Potter book, though I was surprised it was this one. Order of the Phoenix is a good one though, despite a certain character’s death.

Again, these are only a few of the books that my best friend loves, and I’ll have to find out which other ones she’d consider her top favorites. That’s for another day though. I’m excited to read Persuasion this year and discuss it with her, and maybe I’ll get around to The Book Thief someday.

Have you read any of these books? What are some books your best friend(s) love?
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