Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Favorite Book Quotes

Book quotes are always fun, whether to recite them or use them as inspiration. I find that a lot (that I save) are either encouraging, inspirational, or relatable to my own life. I find a lot of quotes in books that I like, but I’m not always so good at saving them or writing them down to remember later on. Maybe after doing this post I’ll try to get better at that.

10 of My Favorite Book Quotes

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.”

– All the Bright Places (Jennifer Niven)

“I sometimes look at my bookshelf now and think about how someday I’m going to die without ever reading a lot of the books there. And one might be life-changingly good and I’ll never knower moments.”

– Goodbye Days (Jeff Zentner)

“Turns out there’s a reason they call it falling in love, because when it happens – really happens – that’s exactly how it feels. There’s no doing or trying, you just let go and hope that someone’s going to be there to catch you.”

– Love & Gelato (Jenna Evans Welch)

“Boys turn girls into such idiots.”

– Anna and the French Kiss (Stephanie Perkins)

“Fiction was fine, but real life was the true freak show.”

– Emergency Contact (Mary H.K. Choi)

“You don’t get things past librarians.”

– The Vanishing Stair (Maureen Johnson)

“Here’s the thing about anxiety: it’s not rational. It’s not rational, but it’s still real, and it’s still scary, and that’s okay.”

– A Quiet Kind of Thunder (Sara Barnard)

“It doesn’t matter what we are, it matters what we do.”

– The School for Good and Evil (Soman Chainani)

“Everyone has their own troubles; some lay them bare while others hide them better.”

– Daughter of the Moon Goddess (Sue Lynn Tan)

“Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you.”

– If I Stay (Gayle Forman)
Have you read any of the books that these quotes are from?

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