Top Ten Tuesday – Comfort Reads

This week’s topic is comfort reads – the books that make you feel at home or give you a fuzzy feeling inside. I think everyone has their comfort reads, whether it’s books we like to re-read or our favorite genre… or just the books that left us feeling good after.

While my comfort reads don’t need to fit all the criteria that makes a book a comfort read for me, they definitely fit most of the five points below. For the most part, a book just needs to be one that leaves me feeling good when I’m done… and maybe missing the characters a bit.

What makes a comfort read for me?

Escape – When I’m so invested in the characters/story that I feel like I’m not even in my own life, that usually brings some comfort of being able to escape for a while. It’s kind of like traveling, but without leaving my couch/bed.

Romance – I’d say most books that I find comforting have an element of romance to them. Not all, but most. It makes for a “cheesy factor” that sometimes leaves me smiling like a dum-dum.

Fits My Mood – As much as I try to make monthly TBRs and stick to them, I can’t. I’m a 1000% mood reader, so I need to be in the mood for a book when I pick it up… otherwise it drags on and I don’t finish it.

Slump Antidote – If I really love a book, usually rereading that book can get me out of the dreaded reading slump. It’s even on most lists on how to get out of a reading slump to reread a favorite/comfort book to help pull you from under the water.

Character Love – I need to love the characters… or at least the main one(s). If I don’t like the main character(s) of a book, how can I be expected to find any comfort in the book?

Books That Fit the Criteria

Have you read any of the books I listed? What are your comfort reads?
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