Book Tour – Soman Chainani @ Wesleyan RJ Julia

Yesterday I went to Wesleyan RJ Julia Bookstore to attend a book signing for an author of one of my favorite series. Soman Chainani is the genius behind The School for Good and Evil series which was technically written for the middle-grade age group, but does have a more YA feel to it.

The event was held to promote the release of his newest book, The Rise of the School of Good and Evil, which is a prequel to the six-book series on how the school came to be. It was confirmed to be the first of two books, with the next coming out next year.

During his talk, Soman discussed how he came up with the idea for this series. He admitted that as a Disney movie fan, he often sympathized with the villians because of plot holes in the Disney fairy tales (and there are a lot of them) and no matter what, Good always wins. Yet, in real life, we know that isn’t always the case, right? He said the basic idea behind his book series is that, since no one is completely Good or Evil, there are usually two sides to the story/characters. You see throughout the series that many of the Evil students are ones that you love, while some of the Good students are little arrogant turds (and some have a redemption arc by the end).

He also discussed a little about the Netflix adaptation of The School for Good and Evil, mentioning that it would be a bit darker than the actual book; or in Soman’s words, “hardcore PG-13.” I love how he phrased that. It doesn’t seem like we’ll have to worry too much about the movie straying far from the book, as Soman said that it pretty much lined up well from his involvement. Unfortunately, the movie isn’t coming out until this fall, which is basically eons away.

Anyway, he was so nice and it was great to meet him. As I got my book signed I had to mention that I had just finished the sixth book when the prequel was announced, which was great because I wasn’t ready to let go of the series. I’m very much looking forward to reading my new book and I’ll be counting down the days until the movie comes out… you know, when there’s an actual release date for it.

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