Life Happens: Update

First off, no, I’m not going anywhere. At least, I’m not planning on it. I might be less active in the coming weeks, but I do not plan to abandon my blog at all.

Two months ago my doctor felt a lump on my throat, more specifically where my thyroid is. So after an ultrasound and a biopsy, we found out that that lump is malignant, or you know, thyroid cancer. Luckily, it’s contained in that small lump and is easy to take care of. I mean, I need to have my thyroid removed, so there is surgery involved, which is always kind of scary, but I know that God has this situation in His hands.

I’ve found out in the past two days that having a thyroid removed seems to be a common surgery. My mom had hers out (it was packed with cancer) when I was thirteen, and several people she knows have also had theirs removed due to cancer.

Obviously my head is just sort of a mess right now. It’s been just about three days since I found out and I’m still trying to fully process the information. The only way I can is by saying “my thyroid has cancer” not “I have cancer” because that second statement just sounds weird. But, yeah, with this whole situation going on, my posting will be more inconsistent than usual, and I definitely won’t be posting as much post-surgery (unless I happen to schedule a ton of posts before it).

We’ll see what happens.

In any case, prayers and positive thoughts are very much appreciated during this time.

10 thoughts on “Life Happens: Update

  1. mistysbookspace says:

    This happened to my husband. He had a lump on his neck and he finally got it checked. They did a biopsy. He ended up having 2 surgeries. The first one they removed the half of the thyroid that had the mass but once the results came back saying it was cancerous they went back in and removed the other half of his thyroid. Sending prayers and positive vibes your way!!

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