July 2022 Wrap Up

Well, as most of you may know, August is going to be a big month for me, as I’m having surgery to have my thyroid removed in about a week. I’ll have about two weeks, at least, off from work and I’ll be pretty much either watching shows/movies or reading during my time off. It all kind of depends on how much pain I’m in those first few days after the surgery. Hopefully, that will be the end of this cancer being anywhere in my body. It seems like it’s contained in just that nodule in my thyroid, so that’s good.

Since I’m having surgery soon, I went on a bit of a book-buying escapade at the end of the month because, why not? Plus, I probably won’t be going out of town during my recovery, if even anywhere out of my house. I’m kind of planning to be a hermit for two weeks.

read month

  1. Not Here to be Liked – Michelle Quach ✰✰✰
  2. Haikyu!! vol. 33 – Haruichi Furudate ✰✰✰.5
  3. Far From the Tree – Robin Benway ✰✰✰✰✰
  4. One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories – BJ Novak ✰✰✰
  5. Honestly Elliott – Gillian McDunn ✰✰✰✰.5
  6. Haikyu!! vol. 34 – Haruichi Furudate ✰✰✰✰
  7. Haikyu!! vol. 35 – Haruichi Furudate ✰✰✰✰
  8. Haikyu!! vol. 36 – Haruichi Furudate ✰✰✰✰
  9. Haikyu!! vol. 37 – Haruichi Furudate ✰✰✰
  10. Postcards From Summer – Cynthia Platt ✰✰✰✰
  11. Meet Me in the Middle – Alex Light ✰✰✰✰✰
  12. What if Love is the Point? – Alexa & Carlos PenaVega ✰✰✰✰.5


1. Home Work – Julie Andrews

I was listening to the audiobook version of this, but my mind kept wandering off. I think I might be better off reading the physical book (as I usually am) and finishing it. I do love Julie Andrews and as this book is about her Hollywood years, I’m definitely interested in it. I just don’t have the attention span for audio, which in this case is too bad because I could listen to this woman’s voice all day.

bought month

Physical Books:
  • What if Love is the Point? – Alexa & Carlos PenaVega
  • Meet Me in the Middle – Alex Light
  • Lost in Paris – Elizabeth Thompson
  • The Noel Stranger – Richard Paul Evans
  • Booked on a Feeling – Jayci Lee
  • A Thousand Miles – Bridget Morrisey
  • New York, Actually – Sarah Morgan
  • You, Me, and Our Heartstrings – Melissa See
  • Time of Our Lives – Emily Wibberley
  • One Summer in Paris – Sarah Morgan
  • By Your Side – Kasie West
  • Taking Chances – Molly McAdams
  • The Boy in the Photo – Nicole Trope
  • If I Fix You – Abigail Johnson
  • Cuts and Bruises – Kelly O’Flaherty
  • The Hobbit – J.R.R. Tolkien

watched month

The Bob’s Burgers Movie | HBO Max


Bob’s Burgers has been one of my favorite adult cartoons since it premiered many moons ago. While the show is a little weird at times, you can’t help but laugh at how the characters react to situations. Or cause them. To be honest, the reason I watch the show is for Louise because she’s hilarious. Bob is my second favorite character.

Anyway, the movie started off a bit slow, but as it went on it got better. It doesn’t really compare to the show itself, but that’s just because I feel these characters work better in an episodic format. The movie is pretty good though. It definitely puts the Belcher family through the ringer for a bit, and of course they come out as a stronger family unit.

divider new

That’s all for my July wrap-up. Next month is going to be weird, at least I think it will be. I’ll be having my surgery around the middle of the month, so I won’t be as active responding to comments for a week or so. However, I’m trying to get some posts scheduled so that I’ll appear to be actively posting. I’m backed up on my reviews for my July books, so that gives me some content, and I have some topics I’m hoping to cover as well.

What did your July look like?

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