Review: Meet Me in the Middle

Eden had her best friend Katie—she didn’t need anyone else. But then there was Truman.

Katie’s older brother, the artist. The recluse. The boy with the innocent smile and the dangerous eyes.

Eden had never really known Truman—not until the night of Katie’s accident. That was the night they’d finally let each other into their orbits—only to have the sky come crashing down on them.

With Katie in the hospital and Truman fleeing from his grief without a word, Eden is left alone to grapple with her own pain. But when Truman returns to the city, can Eden let him back into her life knowing that their first kiss is what tore their world apart?

This book stole my heart only to crush it (cue “Vicious” by Sabrina Carpenter). The worst part is that I knew reading this book would do just that, and I read it anyway. It was one of those books I never wanted to leave, so I even put it aside and read an entire other book before going back to finish this one… that’s how much I didn’t want it to end.

I completely fell in love with the characters in this novel, especially Truman (he’s a brooding artist, how can I not love him?), and even a few of the side characters. My heart ached for Eden and Truman, both for their guilt over what happened to Katie and their relationship that always seemed just out of reach. They were both such loving characters, and were both easy to love.

On Eden’s side, she had her co-worker, Manny, and roommate, Ramona, supporting her through her emotional heartache over her best friend, though neither coddled her. Manny and Ramona were great friends to Eden, and I kind of wish there had been more of Ramona seen throughout the story. She seemed like a fun character.

Then on Truman’s side, he had his ex-girlfriend, Santana, and his new friend, Milo, for support. These two were just as much fun as Eden’s friends, and again, I wish there had been more of them. I can’t say much about Milo due to his lack of appearances, but Santana honestly just reminded me of Santana off of Glee. She didn’t take any bull from Truman and pushed him to remind him that he needed to live his life and not wallow around while his sister was in a comatose state.

If you decide to pick up this book, just be prepared. It will hurt you. You’ll still love it, but it will hurt. It’s worth the pain though. The story between Eden and Truman is just, *chef’s kiss* – that’s the only way I can describe it. 

Rating: 5/5 stars

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