Review: What if Love is the Point?

The world saw Carlos Pena and Alexa Vega enjoying the success of their acting careers—Carlos on Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush and Alexa in the Spy Kids movies. What fans didn’t see was Carlos struggling with the influences of Hollywood and reeling from broken relationships. Or Alexa hiding an eating disorder and recovering from a divorce. Or the question both Carlos and Alexa were asking in the midst of all that fame and fortune: What’s the point of it all anyway?

Then the two ended up attending the same Bible study. There they met people who seemed satisfied in life. They met new friends who seemed to be friends with God. They also met each other. Together, Carlos and Alexa discovered that God held the answers to their deepest questions—and even their unspoken longings. Now, happily married with three children, Carlos and Alexa want to tell others where they found true joy: in Jesus.

Carlos and Alexa believe that following Jesus was what they were made for—and they believe it’s what you were made for too. If you find yourself asking, Isn’t there more to life than this?, lean in to their remarkable story of tender faith, God’s persistent work, and learning why love is always the point of it all.

This was such an inspiring book to read. I read this in a day, seeing how God worked in Carlos and Alexa’s lives even when they weren’t actively seeking His will. This was a perfect season in my life to read this book because recently I’ve seen God’s hand in my own life in a way I wasn’t really expecting.

In Carlos’s testimony, it was heartwarming to see how quickly his heart changed when he came to know Jesus. Though at the same time, when things got hard, he was angry and wondering what was the point if bad things still happen (which is normal for any new Christian). His journey was relatable, even to someone as myself who is more like Alexa and has known Jesus my entire life. Even knowing Him your entire life doesn’t mean you aren’t going to struggle with life, and even your faith, at times. 

I feel like a big part of Carlos and Alexa’s story is about that. About struggling as a Christian. Sometimes you feel so close to God and can handle whatever life throws at you, then there are times when you don’t feel as close and like the next bad thing that happens (even if it’s spilled milk) will just break you. Or maybe there’s a habit or addiction you’re trying to break, and even though you keep praying for God to release you from it, you still keep doing it. Eventually, that chain will be broken, but while you’re struggling it’s just hard to see God working to lead to that time.

In this book, Alex and Carlos have no shame in letting it all out on the table. They go through their ups and downs, their struggles with their faith and their triumphs. As I said before, this book is such an inspiring read, and it’s a quick one because their stories really draw you in. My only complaint is that it isn’t longer because I would have liked to see them go deeper into their journey with Christ, but they do tell quite a bit in this short book.

Rating: 5/5 stars

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