Review: Inheritance (American Royals Prequel)

Princess Beatrice realizes what’s expected of her as heir apparent—and it is not riding in cars, alone, with her Revere Guard. But what the Crown doesn’t know won’t hurt it…right?Princess Samantha is already bored of her own graduation party. She swears she isn’t looking for trouble, but when the king and queen are away, the … Continue reading Review: Inheritance (American Royals Prequel)

Review: One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories

A boy wins a $100,000 prize in a box of Frosted Flakes—only to discover how claiming the winnings might unravel his family. A woman sets out to seduce motivational speaker Tony Robbins—turning for help to the famed motivator himself. A new arrival in Heaven, overwhelmed with options, procrastinates over a long-ago promise to visit his … Continue reading Review: One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories

Review: Rivals (American Royals #3)

Beatrice is queen, and for the American royal family, everything is about to change.Relationships will be tested.Princess Samantha is in love with Lord Marshall Davis—but the more serious they get, the more complicated things become. Is Sam destined to repeat her string of broken relationships…and this time will the broken heart be her own?Strangers will … Continue reading Review: Rivals (American Royals #3)