Review: Rivals (American Royals #3)

Beatrice is queen, and for the American royal family, everything is about to change.

Relationships will be tested.
Princess Samantha is in love with Lord Marshall Davis—but the more serious they get, the more complicated things become. Is Sam destined to repeat her string of broken relationships…and this time will the broken heart be her own?

Strangers will become friends.
Beatrice is representing America at the greatest convocation of kings and queens in the world. When she meets a glamorous foreign princess, she gets drawn into the inner circle…but at what cost?

And rivals will become allies.
Nina and Daphne have spent years competing for Prince Jefferson. Now they have something in common: they both want to take down manipulative Lady Gabriella Madison. Can these enemies join forces, or will old rivalries stand in the way?

This third installment of this series definitely made up for what was lacking in Majesty. There was more drama to endure and new friendships take form. I wasn’t bored for any of this book, which of course is a good thing and what we all want when reading. Some new characters are introduced and for the most part, I liked them, with the exception of Gabriella.

As always, Beatrice is my favorite character and it’s enjoyable to watch her grow into her position as Queen of America. She has to take on a major task as she leads The League of Kings event, which only happens every five years. During this, she meets Princess Louise of France, who is acting Regent while her father is sick, and Beatrice learns to relax and live a little as she hangs out with Louise and her friends (who are all great characters and I’d love to see again. 

Samantha on the other hand, is going through some things with her boyfriend, Marshall, after meeting his family and trying to figure out what her place is and what she’s going to do with her life. She learns more about Marshall and Nina’s struggles with racial discrimination and how they’re scrutinized for their ties to the royal family. It sparks something in Samantha and it’s amazing to see how much she’s changed over three books.

The surprising element of the story is Daphne and Nina’s alliance to take down Gabriella after she interferes with their lives because she’s actually worse than Daphne was in the first two books. While I’m not excusing Daphne for what she’s done, it was nice to see how she could change and be a nice person for a while as her alliance with Nina turned into a friendship. Though she still is with Jeff by the end of this book and that’s still not okay with me.

There’s a huge, shocking, wanna-throw-the-book-across-the-room moment at the end of this book, and it’s horrible that McGee left us in a cliffhanger while we wait for book four to come out next year. I did like the clues she left to figure out the title for the next one, but that doesn’t make up for doing us dirty at the end of this book. I was also a little disappointed by the lack of Beatrice/Theodore scenes in this one.

And let the record show, if Daphne isn’t exposed for all the crap she’s pulled and dropped like a hot potato by Jeff in book four, then I will be purchasing hard-copies of the series just to chuck them at the wall because I’m not throwing my e-reader.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

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