Top Ten Tuesday – The Motherships (Bookstores)

This week’s topic is favorite bookstores or bookstores we’d like to visit. I’m going to mix it up a bit and share five of my favorite bookstores and five that I’d love to visit someday. Obviously, I’m a big spender at Barnes and Noble, so that won’t be making my list in any way, nor will any other chain store. Some stores I mention might have other locations, but only one or two more in addition to the one I mention.

5 of My Favorite Bookstores

1. Northshire Bookstore – Manchester Center, VT

Every time I go to Vermont, I make sure to stop at Northshire. My mom and I stumbled upon it during our first trip to Vermont back in 2014, and fell in love with the store. The booksellers who work there are so nice and helpful, and just the entire inside of the store is such a vibe. It does need some work on their young-adult section, but they do at least keep a good selection of what’s popular… it just needs a bit of expansion if you ask me.

2. Hickory Stick Bookshop – Washington Depot, CT

Located in one of the towns of Connecticut that inspired the location for Gilmore Girls, this little bookstore is such a nice little shop to visit. Their children and young adult section could use some work, but they always have the newest releases and keep a steady stream of local authors/books coming in. They’re also a prime location for the Gilmore Girls fanfest, along with Kent, CT.

3. The Book Barn – Niantic, CT

This place has all the used books you could ever imagine! It’s spread out in a mix of outdoor/indoor shopping, with certain buildings dedicated to a different genre/topic of books. There are also two other “chapters” (locations) in addition to their main branch in Niantic, and honestly, if you ever find yourself in Connecticut, you have to check this place out!

4. Paragraphe Librairie (Bookstore) – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I’ve only been here once, and while it’s a smaller store than Indigo books (which I also loved), it’s got a great collection of books and bookish gifts. I enjoyed the atmosphere in the store and if I ever make it back to Montreal, I’m definitely stopping there again.

5. Crow Bookshop – Burlington, VT

This is a cute little store that just adds to the Church Street vibe in Burlington. It’s very small, but they do have some good titles there, and a special section for local history and authors who are from Vermont.

5 Bookstores I’d Love to Visit

1. Strand Bookstore – New York City, NY

I mean, everyone has heard of this bookstore… bookworm or not. It’s location in New York City isn’t very far from me, yet I still have never gone to this store (or the city, aside from Yankees games). I’d love to venture to NYC for a long weekend and take just one day to spend in this store because I’m positive I could spend hours and hours in there.

2. Shakespeare and Company – Paris, France

Reason one, because Paris. Reason two, it’s an old shop with a great history. Reason three, it’s a bookstore in France!

3. The Last Bookstore – Los Angles, CA

The video on their website has me in love already, as well as the picture of their book tunnel. I really have no desire to visit California, ever, but this bookstore might be my reason to go!

4. Blue Bicycle Books – Charleston, SC

I’ve never been to South Carolina, but it’s on my bucket list to go. This bookstore just has the cutest look on the outside and it seems like a charming little shop.

5. Atlantis Books – Oia, Santorini, Greece

The history of this shop is only twenty years old, but so cool. It was given an appearance in Jenna Evans Welch’s book, Love and Olives, (though I’m not sure if it was by name or just the inspiration for the bookstore in that novel). It’s said that the shop was inspired by Shakespeare and Company, and the store even has beds where the staff sleeps!

Have you been to any of these bookstores or heart of them? What are some of your favorite bookstores?

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