Top Ten Tuesday – Unlikeable Characters That I Love

I definitely had a hard time coming up with ten characters for this post, so I’m just going with five. And there are only two series that I mention in this post since they’re the most memorable ones for me. I wanted to add a character or two from the Ash Princess trilogy (which I recently finished) but I couldn’t think of any characters that I disliked but ended up loving.

So, yeah, you get five character for this post… sorry.

Unlikeable Characters That I Can’t Help But Love

Draco Malfoy – Harry Potter

My absolute favorite, though it’s probably because of Tom Felton and how he brought this character to life. Honestly, I feel bad for him in the later books because he’s obviously scared crapless of the things he’s being forced to do, but if he doesn’t his family will be killed. Isn’t that how it always goes when “bad” characters are forced to do something bad? I mean, yeah, he’s a little turd to Harry and his friends, but that’s because of how he was brought up. I love his sort-of redemption arc by the end of the series, and again… I just adore Tom Felton so much.

Severus Snape – Harry Potter

By far, this is an unlikeable character with the best redemption arc. Some people still refuse to believe there’s a good bone in his body, but he put himself through a ton of crap to keep his cover. Sure, he was misguided in the years previous to when the Harry Potter series starts, but his love for Lily pushes him to regret his actions and spends the rest of his life making up for his choices.

Plus, you know, Alan Rickman.

Hort – The School for Good and Evil

I never thought I’d like Hort, but he was honestly a sweetie throughout the series despite being in the school of evil. I couldn’t stand him when he first appeared in the book, but he quickly won me over. And throughout the series he actually gets to be an even better character, despite his grossness.

Though, it doesn’t seem like he’s as disgusting in the movie based off this photo… I still need to watch it.

Sophie – The School for Good and Evil

It took until the sixth and final book of this series before I could stand Sophie. She was such a terrible character for five and a half books, but I do know that was done on purpose for her character. I was glad that she was slightly more likeable by the end of the series because otherwise I wouldn’t have cared much if something happened to her.

Tedros – The School for Good and Evil

Another character from this series I didn’t like. I still wasn’t that fond of him by the end of the series, but when it looked like he’d been killed at one point, I was actually upset and like “there’s no freaking way that’s real.” He was better in the last few books, I think I just was still annoyed from his actions in the first couple of books that I let it sit for the series. I did like his bickering with Sophie though and how their relationship turned into something of a brother/sister thing.

Who are some unlikeable characters that you love?

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8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Unlikeable Characters That I Love

  1. Peter Martuneac says:

    I don’t know if he counts as unlikeable, but Boromir from The Fellowship of the Ring. I know he’s the one who betrays his oath and breaks apart the Fellowship, but he’s a perfect example of the ‘tragic hero’ type, and I like his mini-redemption by giving his life in defense of two hobbits, and not even the ‘important’ ones! Plus Sean Bean really nailed that role in the movies.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. masterspj says:

    Snape and Malfoy both were crappy people when you first met them. The difference is that one is in a position of power and should have known better. If he was going to be a complete jerk, then be a complete jerk. The other was a child acting just as he had been taught. As you can tell, I have a bit more sympathy for one over the other.

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!


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