Top Ten Tuesday – Series I’d Like to Start/Finish

It seems like a lot of books are a part of a series nowadays. Even if it’s not an actual series, it might be a collection of books that contain some character from previous books or set in the same world. There are some series I’ve started that are finished, but I haven’t read them all yet, and there are other series that I’m waiting on the next book for (which we all know is the worst).

There’s a good mix of series that I want to start and ones that I want to finish. I find that a lot of times I’m late to the party with series that are popular.

10 Books I’ve Read While on Vacation

1. Embassy Row – Ally Carter (start)

2. The Program – Suzanne Young (finish)

3. Heist Society – Ally Carter (finish)

4. Boarding School Juliet – Yousuke Kaneda (start

5. Emancipated – M.G. Reyes (start)

6.The Testing – Joelle Charbonneau (start)

7. Privilege – Kate Brian (start)

8. Your Lie in April – Naoshi Arakawa (finish)

9. Book of Tea – Judy Lin (Montreal, Quebec, Canada – 2019)

10. American Royals – Katharine McGee (continue)

I have no idea when book four is coming or what the title is (though I have an idea of it), but I’m very eager to continue with this series.

Have you read any of these series? What are some you’d like to start or finish?

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