I’m the Problem, It’s Me (reading slump)

I suppose it was bound to happen sometime this year. That damn reading slump. I’d had a minor one back in the late spring/early summer, but it was more like I didn’t read as much in those months as the others. This time, I haven’t touched a book in nearly two weeks… one of my longest slumps over the past year and a half.

Most of the problem is me (as the title suggests) as I’ve been more preoccupied with watching Victorious and Sam & Cat (and Ariana Grande music videos), along with reading fanfiction for those fandoms. My mind has just been living in the Victorious/iCarly universe and I obviously haven’t minded much… but my books are judging me.

On top of that, I believe I’m having a bit of a book hangover and not the good kind. You know, when a book you read was so fantastic that nothing can compare to it.

No, this is the other type of book hangover – the one where the last book you read was so bad or ‘meh’ that you lost all desire to read. That’s the book hangover that started this nonsense.

The good news is that the young-adult book order that I put in for work at the beginning of the month came in and the books are all processed, so I took some home in hopes that one of these will pull me out of this slump. There are a lot of good ones, and I think I might’ve taken home like ten books… so one of them has to help me, right?

I can’t read my usual books for a slump cure (Harry Potter) as I just reread the books earlier this year. As much as I love the series, once a year is good for me.

Have you had a reading slump/book hangover at all this year?
What did you do to get out of it?

6 thoughts on “I’m the Problem, It’s Me (reading slump)

  1. Emma @ Turn Another Page says:

    I feel like this has been happening to me more lately. I’m certainly not reading as much and when I do, it is only for 20 or so minutes rather than many hours a day. A lot of it is down to the slumps, but it’s also life stuff that gets in the way of reading a lot. Don’t force it, and let the right book find you when it is time to read again.

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