2023 Bookish Goals and Reading Tracker

The end of the year comes so quickly, but the actual last two weeks of the year seem to take forever. At least this year it did. I still can’t believe it’s almost 2023 though. How have the past few years gone by so fast??

Anyway, since 2023 is nearly here, I wanted to share my reading goals for the new year, along with my 2023 Reading Log Template. This year I didn’t include any extra challenges because I can’t usually keep up with others I try, let alone making and keeping up with my own challenge. I kept it to only five goals for this year, as it’s easier to keep track of and maybe I’ll actually be able to achieve goals 2-3 this time around, haha.

1. Read 75 books. Pretty self-explanatory, and easy considering I read over 100 books the past two years. I doubt I will read 100 in 2023. If I do, it’ll be a miracle. I’ll keep track of it mainly on Goodreads, as well as my spreadsheet on Google Sheets.

2. Buy less books. I wasn’t as frugal about buying books as I wanted to be this past year, so this year I really need to cut back. One, to save money. And two, I’m really running out of space to keep my books. I know I have the ebook option, but there are more advantages to buying physical ones that I’ll have to cover in another post someday. Plus, I really, really need to save money.

3. Make a dent in my physical TBR cart. A goal from last year that kind of went the opposite way. My book cart is overflowing and well, yeah. I need to make this goal a real thing in 2023.

4. Support more independent bookstores. I go to Barnes & Noble a lot throughout the year (which is good due to the fact I spend $25 for their membership each year), but I’d really like to try to do more of my buying at some indie bookstores this year. I mean, I do want to spend less money on books, but at least what I spend I can try to make count, right?

5. Read three classics. I was able to complete this goal last year, so I’m sure I can do it again this year.

I always love starting off with a fresh spreadsheet. While it sucks to see it so empty, I love watching my stats change drastically in those first few weeks of the new year. As I have done the few years, I will be sharing a free template of the one for 2023.

All you need to do to get the spreadsheet is click on the image above, and once you’re on the spreadsheet page, you go over to File, then hit ‘Make a copy’ and save it to your drive. Then you can modify the spreadsheet as you please to fit your reading needs.

That’s it. Those are my new reading goals for 2023, along with the fresh spreadsheet for the new year. I wish everyone luck with their new year’s reading goals (and other resolutions)! Happy (almost) 2023 everyone!

Do you have any reading/bookish goals for the new year?

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