2023 Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge

No, this isn’t the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge… that one is just nuts! I applaud anyone who does that challenge, whether in an entire year or over the course of time. There’s so many classics and other books that I just would never be able to read because I’d lose interest so quickly.

Anyway, this is a challenge created by The Bookish Puff and when I found her post on on Instagram (@thebookishpuff), I knew I was in right away. The challenge is one Gilmore-themed prompt a month, which is pretty easy to handle if you ask me, so I think that for once it’s a challenge I can actually finish during the year. I usually try to pick out books for my challenges with prompts like this ahead of time, but since I’m a mood reader, I’m going to pick 4-5 contenders for each prompt.

And even then, I might still deviate from my choices. But as long as it fits the prompt, it’s all good.

The Challenge

The Contenders

January: “I Smell Snow” – takes place in winter

February: “Coffee & Poptarts” – reread of your OTP or a sweet rom-com

March: “Rory & Lorelai Go To Europe” – set in Europe

April: “1,000 Yellow Daisies” – has flowers on the cover

May: “Oy With the Poodles Already!” – features an animal companion (note: my favorite GG quote for my birth-month… YAY!!)

June: “If Eating Cake is Wrong, Then I Don’t Want to Be Right” – features cake on the cover or birthday in story

July: “Lazy Hazy Days” – takes place in summer

August: “Sookie’s Kitchen” – culinary themed book

September: “Stars Hollow Autumn Festival” – takes place during autumn

October: “In Omnia Paratus” – fantasy book (even better if there’s a secret society)

November: “Vicious Trollop” – steamy read or exciting thriller

December: “Christmas @ The Dragonfly Inn” – cozy holiday read

Again, just because I did pick out some books off my TBR for these prompts doesn’t mean I can’t choose a book that’s not listed. I find out about new books every day, whether they’ve existed for years and year or are newly released (or coming soon). It’s hard to not suffocate under my pile of books to read, but I try to work through it the best I can, as we all do, haha.

Good luck to all the participants in this challenge, and thank you Alicia (The Bookish Puff) for creating this challenge!

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