My 2022 DNF List

We made it y’all! Happy (almost) New Year! Who else is ready for 2023?

I will say it again and again, I’m glad I started DNF-ing books when I can’t get into them because life is way too short to read books I’m not enjoying. And there are way too many books that I want to read, so I can’t get to all of them if I force myself to read the ones that don’t keep my interest. There were a few more books in the DNF pile this year, but not many more, thankfully.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate not finishing a book, but I just can’t force myself to read when I have no interest in the book. I do give books second chances if I feel that it’s because of my mood, but if there’s something about the book I don’t like or I’m just not feeling the book, then it’s a no-no. So, these are the five books that I didn’t finish this year.

Books I Did Not Finish in 2022

Two Truths and One Liar – Deidre Riordan Hall

This book has a premise that I’d normally love, and I did get a digital ARC of the book, but I couldn’t get into it. The characters fell flat and the story just didn’t flow for me. I actually fought myself to try to push through, but I knew it would just make me hate the book if I did that, so I had to put it here in the graveyard.

Serendipity – edited by Marissa Meyer

I usually like these YA short-story anthologies, and you’d think I’d love one that portrayed the romantic tropes, but three stories in I had to let it go. I was barely into each story that I read and the third one had a really weird situation that just threw me off completely.

The Injustice – James Patterson with Emily Raymond

I just couldn’t get into this one. I wasn’t surprised because I get annoyed by James Patterson’s books just by looking at them (it’s a librarian thing), but this premise sounded good so I wanted to try it. Sadly, it wasn’t for me.

Murder on the Orient Express – Agatha Christie

I never expected to DNF a Christie book, especially one of the Poirot series, but I did. I think a big part of it was just that I wasn’t in a reading mood when I tried to read it. I probably will not try to read this again because the only reason I wanted to read it was because I was going to see a play of it, and a former friend recommended it, but we’re no longer friends so… yeah.

Nick and Noel’s Christmas Playlist – Codi Hall

I got about 60% of the way through this book and then it got to a point in the story where I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. I’m not a big person on steamy romance books, so when the book started getting smutty, I stopped reading. I couldn’t because I just don’t like reading that kind of thing. It doesn’t feel right to me as a Christian. This is on top of the fact that I was already annoyed with how back-and-forth Nick and Noel were about deciding to date or not.

I’m glad I didn’t finish these particular books because I just knew it was going to make me want to leave a bad review if I did. And I hate leaving bad reviews, or even just bad star ratings on Goodreads. I know I won’t be trying to give any of these a second chance

Did you DNF any books this year?

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