Indie/Self-Published Book Recommendations

I probably won’t hit ten for this list, since I don’t know of too many self-published books or ones from indie publishers, but that’s okay. I’m still getting the word out there for these books that I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard of, unless you’ve seen my reviews or other posts where I’ve mentioned these books.

Aliens from Arapholanx series

This was actually written by someone I went to elementary/middle school with, so of course I bought it and read the books he’s released so far. There’s three in the series so far, and there should be more coming.

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Standing By

If you figure out why I like this one so much, you win a virtual hug. I try not to over-talk about this one too much, but it’s a really cute book.

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For Love of Dying

This book is only like, 60 pages or so, and it’s good. It’s a bit heartbreaking, as it shares the author’s experiences with death. I do know this author as well, and I know she even writes some bilingual kids’ books.

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Soon Kitty

I haven’t read this one, but the author above helped the author of this book get the book published, and I do want to buy the book for my niece and nephew soon.

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Everest Goes to Space

This the is the children’s book I mentioned that was written by an old friend. There’s a few bilingual versions of this book, including Spanish, French, and German, and there’s a sequel that continues Everest’s adventures.

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Challenge Accepted

I’m guilty of letting this book sit on my shelf for a couple of years without reading it. It just hasn’t been a priority, but I bought it to support and indie author but I know the best way would be to actually read it and get a review up for it.

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Well, that’s a few more than I thought I’d have on my list. When I first saw this prompt I forgot all about the children’s books, but now that I remembered them, I’m definitely going to buy them for my niece and nephew. And I’ll make it a priority to read Challenge Accepted sooner than later.

Have you read any of the books I listed? What are some indie-published books that you love?

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