They Write It, I Want It

We all have those authors whose books we’ll buy just because they wrote it. We don’t even know what the book is about, but when they have a new one coming out, we just click ‘buy’ without a second thought. I can’t say that I actually do this, because I’m one who likes to know what a book is about before I read it, let alone buy it, but there are some authors who I really enjoy and will immediately light up when I see they have a new book coming out.

Sometimes, if I don’t buy a book buy one of my favorite authors, it’s either that I’m not interested in that particular book, or I just know I can’t really afford to spend the money right away (in which case, I’ll put it on my wishlist). So, for me, they might not always be ‘auto-buy authors’ as we like to call them, but I’ll definitely want to read whatever they write (even if it takes 15 years to get to it).

My ‘Auto-Buy/Read’ Authors

Karen M. McManus

I’ve read all of her books to date, and have already pre-ordered One of Us is Back, which doesn’t release until this summer. I think there’s only one book that I don’t own at the moment, but it’s on a wishlist to get eventually. I rarely like all of an author’s books, but so far McManus has been a wonderful exception!

Richard Paul Evans

I haven’t read all of his books, but every book that I have read, I’ve loved fully. I’m not even sure I want to read every single one (unlike my mom), but I count him as an ‘auto-author’ because I’ll look into what his new ones are about, and then buy them for my mom because I know she’ll want to read them.

Jenna Evans Welch

Welch is definitely an ‘auto-interest’ author for me, as I love her Love & Detours books, but her latest one wasn’t one I found myself interested in, so I didn’t bother. I did obviously immediately look to see what it was about when she announced it, and I will do so for anything else she writes. I really loved her first three books, and I hope she writes more.

Jennifer E. Smith

Another author I haven’t read all of the books of, yet, but am slowly working my way to doing so. I enjoy her young-adult romances for the most part, and I’m more likely to purchase her books than just borrow them from the library.

Tirzah Price

Though she’s only having her third book released this year, I’ve already marked her as an “auto buy” author due to the fact that I loved her first book, then pre-ordered the second, and will be pre-ordering her third one in the next week or so. Her books are currently all Jane Austen murder mystery books for young-adults, and again, the first two are fantastic! I can’t wait for book three, and to see what else she writes in the future!

Kasie West

Once again, I haven’t read all of her books, but I’m immediately interested when I see that she’s got something new coming out. Her books are always good for getting out of a reading slump, as they’re usually pretty lighthearted and go at an easy pace. There hasn’t been one of her books that I’ve disliked so far.

Ally Carter

I absolutely loved the Gallagher Girls series, and while I haven’t read her other young-adult books, you can bet that they’re on my TBR list! It’s more of the time-commitment of a new series, despite the fact that her other YA series are trilogies. I wouldn’t mind if she came out with a YA stand-alone spy novel, honestly. And her first adult book is on my list, which is coming out this summer.

I’m not going to lie, I thought I would have more for this list, but I was wrong. There are a lot of authors that I do love, but I’m not always interested in their new releases or older stuff, depending on when I come across them. I do think that part of this is due to me wanting to be more careful of spending my money, so even an “auto-buy” author for me isn’t fully that, or at least not at the moment the new book drops.

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