Books I Have DNF’d, Vol. I

I hate saying that I didn't finish a book, but the thing is, life is just too short to waste time reading a book you're not enjoying.  For some people, this is real easy to do.  Then there are others - myself included - who feel as though they have to give the book a… Continue reading Books I Have DNF’d, Vol. I


Independent Bookstores I Love

I mentioned in an earlier post that I like to occasionally buy books from independent bookstores or "chains" with only a few different stores regionally.  There are a few that I think are really worth pointing out individually because I really liked some of these shops and definitely want to see them thrive so that… Continue reading Independent Bookstores I Love

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Five on Friday: Books That Left Me a Crying Mess

Friday again!  Hope everyone had an enjoyable week after the holiday! This week's topic is Books That Made Me Cry, and when I say this, I mean that "ugly cry."  Or in other words, the crying that leaves us a mess.  I typically try to avoid these kinds of books because I hate crying that… Continue reading Five on Friday: Books That Left Me a Crying Mess