Keeping Inventory of My Books

Is this something anyone else does? I have no idea. But with my obsession of spreadsheets lately, I decided to revamp my Book Inventory sheet. And honestly, it needed an update. I was a little behind on adding books into it, so I had no clue of exactly how many books I have. Honestly, I … Continue reading Keeping Inventory of My Books

Bookish Bucket List

I'm sure most of us have a bucket list of things we'd like to do or places we'd like to go at some point in our lives. A lot of mine are on hold right now because of the virus (and money, always money) so it's high time to turn my sights onto the items … Continue reading Bookish Bucket List


There are books that I have forced myself to finish - whether it was for school or because I apparently wanted to torture myself, though usually it's the latter.  I can think of more than enough times where I pushed myself to finish a book despite the fact that I had no interest in what … Continue reading Read-gret