50 Bookish Questions

1) What was the last book you read? Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi 2) Was it a good one? It is, though I have conflicting feelings about it. I love Sam and Penny, but some parts of the story just don't seem to fit for me. Honestly, the texting between Sam and Penny, as … Continue reading 50 Bookish Questions

Perks of Working in a Library

I'm sure most of you know based on my profile bios across social media that I work as a librarian at my local library.  This job was a blessing that came to me nearly four years ago and it's led me to meet some amazing people, including one of my best friends.  It's hard to … Continue reading Perks of Working in a Library


There are books that I have forced myself to finish - whether it was for school or because I apparently wanted to torture myself, though usually it's the latter.  I can think of more than enough times where I pushed myself to finish a book despite the fact that I had no interest in what … Continue reading Read-gret