Review: Again, but Better

After a sucky beginning to college, 20-year old Shane finally decides to make a change and does a study abroad program in London.  Right away we learn that Shane is an awkward, shy, quirky girl who has a dream of being an author someday.  However, due to her parents' expectations, she is a premed major.  … Continue reading Review: Again, but Better

Review: Ali Cross

Ali Cross wants to be just like his father, Alex Cross - a great detective.  So when Ali's friend Gabe goes missing, Ali immediately takes it upon himself to help crack the case. It's not that the police don't seem to care, but at the same time they aren't working fast enough for Ali's liking.  … Continue reading Review: Ali Cross

Aliens from Arapholanx: the Birth of a Rebellion – Review

Aliens from Arapholanx took me on an adventure in the Earth's underground!  I really felt like I was on Patrick's adventure alongside him and his comrades.  And although Patrick is the main character of the story, you get to see what goes on in other places from time to time, which really helps to understand … Continue reading Aliens from Arapholanx: the Birth of a Rebellion – Review