1985: Stories from SOS – Review

1985: Stori3s From SOS contains three short stories/novellas that tie in with the SOS universe.  The first story is about Evan Baxter the day before the events in The Silence of Six, which gives us a little more insight to his character.  I honestly wish he had an entire prequel novel devoted to him because… Continue reading 1985: Stories from SOS – Review


Against All Silence – Review

Against All Silence picks up with Max a year after the events in the Silence of Six.  He is just finished his study-abroad semester in senior year and is at the airport ready to go home for Christmas, but his plans come to a halt when he is flagged on France's no-fly list. He soon… Continue reading Against All Silence – Review


Aliens from Arapholanx: the Birth of a Rebellion – Review

Aliens from Arapholanx took me on an adventure in the Earth's underground!  I really felt like I was on Patrick's adventure alongside him and his comrades.  And although Patrick is the main character of the story, you get to see what goes on in other places from time to time, which really helps to understand… Continue reading Aliens from Arapholanx: the Birth of a Rebellion – Review